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It took 3 decades and $10 Billion

Early in the morning, on Saturday, December 25, an Ariane 5 rocket lifted off from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Perched atop this rocket was the James Webb Space Telescope, quite possibly the most important astronomy payload to be sent to space of the past two decades. Let’s have a look in further details

How millionaires’ shop during Christmas

What is the top factor contributor resisting even millionaires to spend cautiously within certain limit? How much millionaires are willing to spend this holidays despite of so many distracting factors coming in the way.


Just imagine even millionaires are not willing to spend more than this holiday season, how much you think have spent yet or planning to spend in next week? Most of them are most likely going to purchase presents for their families and loved ones.

As compared to last year 21% will spend more, 12% will spend less and 68% will spend same as they shopped last year

Despite of the fact that pandemic effected supply chain badly and average handling time has increased more than 45 days on all major ports of the USA however record sales are expected during Christmas and holidays season