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Retail insights, why should you pick Walmart?

In US people have enormous options when it comes a point to decide where to get the grocery shopping done but everyone has its own preference and priorities to choose. A lot of things matters in this decision making such as convenience, quality, compensation, value and brand. Beside all these factors what is common among all is extreme standard of customer service which means if … Continue reading Retail insights, why should you pick Walmart?

New wave of Coronavirus in USA

WASHINGTON – New U.S. COVID-19 cases rose by more than 47,000 on Tuesday according to a Reuters tally, the biggest one-day spike since the start of the pandemic, as the government’s top infectious disease expert warned that number could soon double. New wave of Covid19 is spreading all across USA California, Texas and Arizona have emerged as new U.S. epicenters of the pandemic, reporting record … Continue reading New wave of Coronavirus in USA

His mother never wanted Trump to be where he is today

Donald J Trump President USA just turned 74 this Sunday and people of america extending warm wishes and prayers to him. Happy Birthday Mr President. He spent his day in golf course NewJersey. Family, friends and people from all around the world wished him great years of life ahead. Beside all you know about Trump business and personal life you surely don’t know about Trumps … Continue reading His mother never wanted Trump to be where he is today

Way forward to “ BLM”

Black Lives Matter.Say No to Police Brutality. Racial injustice is not something most recently observed. Struggle started back in 1965. The problem is deep than it appears to be. The solution is even deeper than merely protesting for it. There is a need to find a long-term strategic solution to these types of institutionalized acts of injustices. No other than Black people themselves have to … Continue reading Way forward to “ BLM”