Tech giants could not anticipate future


Whats happening in Tech and Retail world?

  • Apple reinvesting $50 billion into a share buyback program, means buying its own stock, however earning for this quarter remained same as last year which is $58 billion
  • Apple managed to claim revenue mainly form tangible products such as air-pods & wearable’s, however its 450 stores are closing in South Asia region due to plunging sales and unable to reveal future ending up chaos in stock market
  • Amazon planning to reinvest $4 billion on Covid-19 related activities in Q2 on workers health care scheme and over demanding delivery during pandemic , however it claimed $75 billion revenue earned in 1st quarter.
  • Both of the tech giants were unable to anticipate whether future is in their favor?
  • Employees from Wholefoods, Target, Amazon, food lion and other leading Retail stores have called off sick Friday in a one day strike expecting better precautions in Health care during Pandemic
  • Pandemic has increased (Workplace-as-a service) operators
  • Google launched new application which will challenge Zoom meeting app explicitly in high demand during Pandemic, However It will allow 100 participants to talk simultaneously for 60 minutes
  • Microsoft managed to claim $35 billion revenue in its 3rd Quarter
  • Retailer workers in the UK are considering to get minimum pay relief of sterling 10 per hour

Tech giants ended up chaos in stock market


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