Arriving Date: PS5 with these specsfications

Sony hasn’t actually said a thing about a new console – yet. The PS4 continues not only to be the current best-selling console on the market, but one of the best sellers in history, so it makes sense to not announce a successor yet.

Microsoft has come back swinging with Xbox One X, so the PS4 is no longer the dominant machine from a specs perspective. Logic would point to Sony having to respond in some fashion.

Releasing date of PS5 is announced

Again, without any announcements, we can’t fully assess what the PlayStation 5 will look like from a hardware perspective. We can, however, take a look at the competition, and see how Sony will compete.

Let’s take a look at the Xbox One X. It has an an eight-core 2.3 GHz CPU, paired with 12GB GDDR5 memory and a GPU sporting 40 compute units operating at 1172MHz. In layman’s terms, this is a mid-range 2017 gaming PC, but with lots of clever software and hardware tricks to squeeze maximum performance out of it.

The Xbox One X currently retails for £450 or so. Knowing this, Sony will probably aim for a similar price point if it hopes for its next console to remain competitive

PlayStation boss John Kodera confirmed in the most recent Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting that PS4 is nearing the end of its life-cycle. This doesn’t mean the console is vanishing immediately, as a number of exclusives are yet to launch for the platform. Instead, it’s likely a way of explaining to investors they expect a decrease in sales to come in the future. It’s also another juicy hint toward the inevitable PS5.

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In other news, A Kotaku report states the PS5 may not arrive until 2020 at the earliest, which may disappoint some, but it’s hardly surprising considering how successful Sony has been of late. With the PS4 and PS4 Pro so far ahead of the rival consoles from all parties, Sony won’t be in much of a rush to spend vast sums of money releasing new hardware.

According to the report, many developers questioned, including those at Sony’s first-party studios “have not yet been briefed on the existence of a PlayStation 5.”

Schreier writes: “In summary: There is information about the PlayStation 5 floating around at both first- and third-party companies, but it’s far more limited than it would be if the console’s release was imminent.”

I said, ‘well, what does the PlayStation 5 look like?’ and he said ‘you mean if’. […] I said ‘are you willing to say that on a stage?’ and he said ‘yeah, it’s an if’.”

“It was a really interesting thing, and he didn’t give me a clear answer, but he’s hinting at [needing] to be more agile. None of us know what the future really looks like, so how do we adapt faster? To me that’s the way he was thinking about it […] The idea that you’re going to be releasing a piece of technology that lasts seven years into the future, I think, is less and less viable.

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