Tech impact on our lives, this video

How our lives are deeply affected by this technology this short video reveals the real-life lesson that how hard it has become for people to shun tech gadgets and imagine life without technology, internet, and gadgets. This is something we would love to talk about its minimal usage but completely wiping out has become nearly impossible. Watch this video and share your views about technology, gadgets and its impact on our lives.


This is not something we take it as a joke because we have really witness such situations while booking our holidays in which it comes in our first priority that we check and we take it for granted. It has also been observed that travellers left negative feedback on sites if they had internet speed issues.

Do you still believe live without technology is still possible for an average age of people like 18-50 years of aged people? Those who work, running a business, studying in universities or have any sort of link with technology

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