Early bird Christmas bargains, Plan your Holidays

What it feels like at the start of October, cold breeze and dizzy nights with overwhelming feeling of festive stalls and evening activities, if such feelings distracting you it means festive season is around the corner and you should have your calendar in front of you to make it ready to avail best bargains in this festive season. Over and above when you have to choose the best place among multiple options it may not be that early to do that all. Christmas Market all across Europe is more than enough to entice tourists and people to either choose one destination or more than one to visit in the same season. Long glowing decorated cabins with welcoming host eager to taste you the food, amazing cold atmosphere with bouncing trending lights to make you feel all about Christmas and more over the traditional hand made gifts that restores your memory for the whole year. To get the most out of it during this festive season 2019 Wowcher launched an app with the twist.

Would-be holidaymakers can purchase a £99pp holiday package deal from wowcher.co.uk for the Christmas season, but won’t know the exact location until after the booking is complete.Mystery destinations include some incredible European and long haul locations like New York, Dubai, Munich and Florence.The holiday, provided by Wowcher and Weekender Breaks , is available for selected dates until 20 December.

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