Delighted to meet Roshni Homes children, my compliments to the organizers. Our country today needs a collective effort for noble causes, you have taken a step, may Allah bless you for the initiative you have taken for nurturing innocent souls, may Allah keep you steadfast in it, Ameen.


  • Abdul Sattar Edhi
  • Philanthropist


Home is where our story begins and it is evident that there is no place like home. But some of us do not get the luxury of living under a roof filled with shelter, compassion & love. A family is a bond which blesses us with indescribable strength. The family is love, loyalty, and power. Since 2002, Roshni Homes Trust has been putting together the castaway orphans into a family and has managed to provide a home for these kids. We, at Roshni, are about living together and developing together. We are not just a home for the orphans, we are a developing society of responsible citizen with academic, moral and ethical ability to serve.


The core of the Roshni Homes Trust philosophy is to build a COMMUNITY system, which works in a certain framework developed by Trustees and Advisors of the Roshni Homes Trust. The COMMUNITY system not only provides the framework but also empowers the various committees of the community to take their decisions on their own. The role of each Trustee and Advisor is not more than a consultant, which on the request of governing body only can offer support.


The participation of Roshni Homes Trust COMMUNITY with the society is the second layer of Roshni Homes Trust philosophy. The board of Trustees and Advisors strongly believe to create a strong partnership with the society and only through this partnership, the children of Roshni Homes Trust can become responsible and confident members of the society. This partnership will ensure as for how our children will be beneficial and supportive for the welfare of the society.


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