Here are some reviews we have gathered from the public about online shopping in Pakistan as the trend of shopping online has exponentially inclined in recent years. Most of the warehouses based in industrial cities in Pakistan have finally realized and made their way towards digital medium.

Recently some customers shopped online via and here is what they have to say about:

A customer said; I ordered Laptop table from, it was exactly what was shown in the pictures and I was happy to have it. But in few days what just had happened literally made be thoughtful and shocked. In fact, it got broken from me and I rang to Laptab customer service number and asked whether they repair that or not? The main body of the table was perfectly fine only legs got damaged. Well, they said YES and I was perhaps got some relief so I asked them how much would that cost they said Rs 500. It was ok for me as long as I was getting the table fixed so I asked them to pick that up from my place. I was expecting maybe they wave off that rider charges Rs 150 each side but interestingly the game was another way around. As I asked them to pick that up they initially endorsed and asked me to wait for few days I rang them up again and asked about the matter they said the riders are not ready to come to your place as it’s out of the way. OH GOSH OH GOSH don’t tell me you are a rider driven company. I said I will pay them the charges Rs 150 each side and they replied sorry SIR even then they are not ready Ooops. After a long argument, I realized I am not dealing with eBay or Amazon who is usually so bothered about rating and after-sales service. I am in Pakistan.

   So, I took the table to them myself I gave them for repair and they said it’s not Rs 500 it’s Rs 800. Well, I was not much shocked than. They said we will send you free of cost as I received that its wire is missing in the box so I called them again and they are like DONT EXPECT us to treat you like eBay or Amazon does with the customers, we are local ones. So, I am fine without wire


Fraud Transaction alert:

Customer reported: Last week I got two messages from the SCB online service that i have made transaction of amount Rs 20,000 and Rs 10,000 whereas i was sitting at my home. This is surely a fraud transaction, never take it casual or joke.

How should you respond: You should right away call your customer care rep and record this transaction and they will tell you which particular area this transaction has been carried out. They will block your card instantly ask you to request for a new card FoC and also within a certain time after investigation the transaction will be reversed.

Two cases has so far been reported one the customer from Lahore and transaction took place in Mazhar Colony Karachi and the other customer was in Gujranwala and transaction took place in Gujrat , Banks were HBL and SCB

Lesson: Link your account with your active mobile number to get such alerts and never ignore such messages like ATM service is not available etc

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