Health Benefits of Dates

Why should you consume dates daily?

Dates are natural and unprocessed fruits which are widely consumed all over the globe due to its eccentric composition. What are the major components that make it highly recommended to the people so that they live a happy, active and healthy life?

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If you are Gym pro or exercise freak and really looking forward to enhancing your metabolism, the presence of potassium in Dates helps in boosting the nervous system. The brain becomes reactive and responds quickly ultimately stays more alert.

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Secondly, dates help you in supplying a constant energy which enables you to do sport or any extracurricular activity. It consumption vanishes laziness and boost your energy level more than normal.

Dates fruits are a cure for various diseases. Dates can be used in tackling skin related allergies and diseases. It is recommended to eat dates for a pre-breakfast or with an empty stomach. What else dates can do to make your life healthy is, it vanishes abdominal cancer, helps to reduce heart-related problems, help man to get rid of sexual dysfunction. Dates also help in weight gain, which means if you are too skinny but eat normally you can add Dates to gain mass. Dates reduce blood pressure, makes your digestion smooth and constipation free.

For the gym freaks if you don’t like to consume dates as in their natural form you can make a paste and mix with milk. Dates are also a good source of fibre, calcium, proteins and also high in iron.

Dates are used to decrease cholesterol. It contains 20 calories 2.8 mg of total carbohydrates. The nutritional value of date’s energy is 277 kcal, protein 1.81g

Dates contain no cholesterol are rich in iron and have more fibre than bananas dates are also rich in vitamin (k) dates are the fruits of a palm tree. Anaemia is the common issue nowadays in women and dates are the perfect treatment of anaemia. Dates are good for overall health that’s why they are mostly recommended to the patients suffering from colorectal cancer. Dates have everything required for the normal functioning of the body and it should be consumed in a proper amount daily.