If Dubai is your next destination

I always move forward to help people who are struggling in job hunt or confuse in study selection so  I thought to share my experience. I did my Masters in Project Management from UK so I am up to give you every bit of my experience with anyone who is planning to go to UK for Masters or Bachelors or anywhere else such as Canada, Australia or Europe. I will give you all possible perspective and will make it easy for you to opt the best option. Anyways I came back from UK in June 2016 and tried finding a reasonable job but somehow could not the desired one so after waiting for around 10 weeks I decided to visit Dubai so applied for visa. Moment I applied for visa and reached home I got an interview call and finally got an offer letter which I put on hold for few months as I was mentally in Dubai and physically in Pakistan

I got my visa and flew to Dubai. I was told October is the best month in which you are able to walk outside as temperature normally from October till Jan is favorable. Well I stayed at friends place for a week’s time and for some reason I decided to shift to other place. Basically Dubai is divided in two parts, New Dubai and Old Dubai. New Dubai primarily starts from down town and ends till Tax free zone whereas Old Dubai is from Down Town towards Dera. Well I decided to stay in Tecom just adjacent to Dubai Marina and Google City. I got a chance to live with same age people who were already in IT and Real Estate industry.

Well, in the second week as I got settled down so I started exploring different portals and companies on internet which can be approached. Portals like Dubbizle, Indeed, and many other ——— I made an account on and started shooting my resume. I opted different styles, ways, time to post my resume on to get some companies’ attention but things did not work the way i expected. I got few calls for interview but I realized those were low scale jobs like 3500 dirhams which for me was never a desire. As I was active on internet I was sure that I have a good presence on all portals means i was not missing any.

One of my friend suggested to use the service which floats your resume in the industry and charge you around 300-500 dhms which was not a most likely option for me as i had touched almost every portal. But point here is that’s the service which can be considered and opted. So this was the first phase sitting in the room and applying online. As a month had passed and I got unicorn positive response I had to change the strategy so I decided to visit as many offices as I could. There is a app on play store name as 2GIS which has almost all the office address on it. So I installed , contacted offices and started visit to leave my resume hard copy. I covered Business Bay, Financial Center, Media Internet City and many more.

Story that made me go against them !!

I stayed for almost 12 week’s, the last and final call I got from one of the company based in free zone, I got a bit excited as if it may work, I took a tram and got off on the last station As the company was in free zone and we had to conceive some permits before getting in so it took us around 2 hours to get over with that formalities. As we reached to a certain destination we were told that we are at wrong gate and suppose to be at different gate by this time all of us who were there for interview around 15 guys we had known each other briefly. We got off at tram station around 5pm and reached to our destination around 8:30 pm. Over and above the way things were happening and we did see the attitude of company we cam to know they are Syrians. From owner to the lowest man at reception was extremely irresponsible. We had a unicorn and worst of all experience as we asked how much time they replied we don’t know . Certainly at 10:00 pm we decided to leave and sat in car one of the employee dropped us at nearby tram station and what conclusion we had? Unfortunately every single person was of the view that what ever happening in Syria they deserve it I am Sorry but the way they treated us and put on hold made our perception like that. The way they put us on hold, waiting and replied was unethical.