Role of ethnicity in IT firms

Role of ethnicity in IT firms? It exists everywhere but the percentage varies from company to company. While I was in the UK in 2016 I observed different ethnic groups at the workplace. Explicitly Indians, among there many attributes that I won’t be able to mention here one of them was to get the position filled by their fellow countrymen regardless of insecurity among them. Though it exists in many Pakistan’s working abroad they don’t tend to disclose their relatives and friend’s what they are up to abroad. There are so many other features desi people have which I will reveal in another blog anyways. So Indian never shy or gets hesitant bringing in their fellow man at the workplace and they enjoy the company and work that way.

While working in one of the Microsoft partner IT firm in Lahore with the team of about 11 people, 4 were Christians. Among them (Ch) 2 were good in numbers and 2 were just normal. Over the time of about 3 months, I observed the 2 normal people had an entirely different attitude towards work. They could be seen wondering around relaxing, chilling, taking long breaks and so on and so forth. Over some time, we had some managerial and strategic changes in top management which floated downwards towards the team and we were informed about some refreshed KPI’s which need to be implemented soon. The whole team was informed about the changes and after some discussion, we had to accept it after all we had to in any case. A few weeks later we came on the shift and observed some unusual activity and we realized we have one guy left out of our team. We all got shocked as we came to know that one of the guys among the 4 who has a different attitude towards work has been fired. Among 4 the one who was on the top in numbers and was Christian denied continuing the shift. The team lead probably the oldest guy begged him to continue but he told him he simply won’t unless the head would not take his decision back and bring that guy on the floor. Well, that was interesting for me as I asked myself let’s see who surrenders whether the guy with sales numbers or the management? The guys were united and stood stubborn in front of management. They were like how can management go like this? So in the very next shift, our head told us to stay calm and this matter will be resolved soon. He got fired on Friday and he was back on Monday with a sarcastic smile on his face which at least I will never forget. Anyways it took the IT team 3 days to retrieve login ID back for him. I had few thoughts in my mind, what a unity these minorities have which pulled back the management. It was the same I observed in Indians. Well a few weeks later I have been told that you had a meeting with management, I informed my team lead about it which he responded to it will be about products so I got relaxed. Initially, it was on Monday but delayed till Wednesday when my head called me and took to the HR office which was a little surprising for me. HR greeted me and started off with, your head discussed few things about your skill set and he is not interested to continue so we have got an option for you we can shift you to other department but for that, you have to resign now. He really put me in a complex situation as I asked a day to think he said we do not have a min extra. I texted my team lead whom I trusted unicorn, he did not show up. Later on, I realized that it was his idea to persuade me to resign however he had betrayed me. An incautious thought strikes my mind that how that guy retains his fellow and how this guy ditched me whom I trusted like no one else in the company.

Nutshell, I did see how ethnicity drives management to stay in limits.

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