YouTube: Top trending 2018

We have listed down YouTube top trending videos 2018

Novak Djokovic Doubles Live streaming

Most amaZing video in 2019

Crazy couple doing in public is notorious

Floss Dance one of the most viewed Dance in USA

12 M people absolutely love this what farmer just reordered

  1. Lady Gaga (A star is born)  

2) Netflix top trending video on Youtube

3) Spider-Man official trailer is on screens now

4) Tonight Show Jimmy Jimmy Fallon

5) Rocket Man official trailer is now on your screens 2019.

6) Top trending Spider-Man 2018 on Youtube

7) Dino Worlds Jurassic Park in Orlando

8) How UK healthcare system is better than the USA

9) What 9/11 reminds us?

10) Elon Musk perception about future will blow you

11) Worlds biggest container in Hong Kong

12) Amazing Sculptures in the world you never ever imagined

13) Women delivered a baby in a unicorn style, you just cannot imagine

14) Ultimate girls fall 2018 will blow you hard

15) Kratos vs Thor

16) Rock reacts after 20 years

17) Pool fails compilation 2018

18) God of War 4 latest

19) for kids under 11

20) Real time adventure motor bile thrill in Pakistan

21) This Best Asian reporter you may like