Apple I Phone 11 Pro: She pours Coke on it?

Apple’s new iPhone 11 models will be available for Apple folks around the world. Obviously, much of the chaos has been observed among tech folks with hopes escalating like never before about the upgradations and innovation Apple has for them. What could be the possible areas Apple could bring something unicorn?

  • Cameras
  • Glass Design
  • IOS 13 
  • Better Life battery
  • water resistance
  • Color range variety

Apple is releasing three new models in total – a 6.1-inch model called the iPhone 11, a 5.8-inch model called the iPhone 11 Pro, and a 6.5-inch model called the 11 Pro Max.

Meanwhile, Apple describes the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max as its most powerful and advanced smartphones ever, featuring OLED screens, triple-lens cameras, and new frosted glass design.

Watch this video, Look at her, what she is trying to show tech folks and explicitly Apple folks

We got our hands on a model of the iPhone 11 Pro in the new “midnight green” shade to try out ahead of the launch – so naturally, We decided to pour coke over it

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