Zuckerberg Latest confession

The man with the unicorn appearance, suited and formal usually stay in grey shirt and jeans to avoid wasting time has finally confessed that they were certainly taking voice notes just like other but that was not for the purpose of advertisement it was for the betterment of product and that’s what every other tech firm is doing openly. They are not the only one doing that all major tech giants with the consent of the user record trends and behaviour in order for the enhanced and customized user experiences. User has always been asked permission before any such engagement.

Yes we record voice and takes notes with the help of the third party

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Me and one of my friends were sitting in a coffee shop and talking about the mutual interest for the first time. We spoke for about 30 minutes and the moment we left the place we got to see the smartphone for the sake of messages. As I scroll down the social media app I got surprised to see the brands I did never talk about in past except for the last 30 mins in the private discussion was showing up in the ads in a social app. We for a second got shocked that how come it relates to our discussion in this app?

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